Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another mycophobe

Just saw an article about an air passenger who's allergic to mushrooms, who had a jar of mushroom juice drip on him in the middle of a flight. This forced an emergency landing. What are the chances?
No word on what species of mushrooms was involved, but I'll keep looking into it.

My neighbor, mycophobe

My neighbor, bless her heart, hates mushrooms. She has a lovely fairy ring of mushrooms that sprouts up everytime it rains. She dutifully plucks every single mushroom and chucks them in the street. These pics aren't of her yard, but are nearby.
Tropical Storm Fay came through our corner of Alabama, and now the whole place is bursting forth with succulent basidiocarps, the more technical terms for most mushrooms. We've seen some more boletes coming up too, and I'm still not planning on eating them.

In other news, I've added Wisconsin to the list of States I've visited. WooHoo!